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Full budy laser hair removal – Save SR 900 (Before: SR1500 – After: SR 600) Offer must be consumed within 3 months of purchase, otherwise price will be SR1500

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Free dental consultation for women only with Dr. Maram or Dr. Ayman Bawazer

Advanced Booking

Sciling + Polish + Bleeching with Zoom – Save SR 1050 (Before: SR 1850 – After: SR 800)

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Internal medicine consultation with DR. Amal Hassan

Advanced Booking

Mammogram bilateral SR 396 Breast ultrasound bilateral SR 396 (BMD) Bone Mineral Density SR 540 Vitamin D (25 Hydrox.) SR 200 Vitamin B12 SR 150 Calcium in serum (total) SR 55 Phosphrous (P) in serum SR 55 Ferritin in serum SR 150

Advanced Booking

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Must present Logta coupon before ordering. This offer is not valid with any other offer. You can use one offer per day