What is logta app ?

Logta app to connect stores to users to provide special coupons designed for LOGTA members.

Where can I download the Logta App?

Just download the free Logta App from the Apple App Store or Google Play on your smartphone device.
Apple: https://itunes.apple.com/za/app/XXXXXXXXXX
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?XXXXXXX

How much the membership costs ?

Jeddah membership will cost 200 SAR.

Can I try before I buy?

Once you’ve downloaded the LOGTA App and registered your details, you will be given access to LOGTA offers. You will be able to make a single redemption, and once you have redeemed your offer, all other offers will be locked until you purchase a full product.

Do I have to pay for the App?

You can download the App and register for free. You have one coupon for trial. If you liked the app, you can choose to pay for a full membership.

Do I need internet connection to use the App and redeem offers?

Yes, to redeem Offers on the App you need to be connected to the internet.

Can I see how much I have saved?

You can see a snippet of your total savings for the year on the Home screen and in profile screen.

What is member offer ?

Member offers are special coupons and offers for LOGTA members who purchased LOGTA membership.

What is public offers?

Public offers are offers provided by stores for all customers. You don’t need to be part of LOGTA to enjoy this offer. LOGTA app just display these offers as provided by the stores. LOGTA app is not responsible for the availability of these offers.

What is loyalty offers ?

Loyalty offers are the offers that stores decide to send to its selected loyal customers. You don’t need LOGTA membership to receive and use these offers. If store added you to his loyalty program you will find loyalty offers in favorites screen.

What is offer time ?

Offers which restricted to limited time and date , Users can recognize them by clock icon next to coupon.

Can I cancel the redemption?

You can only cancel a redemption before the merchant enters their 4-digit pin and a reference number is generated. However, once you and the merchant have entered your 4-digit pins. It can’t be changed, reversed or stopped.

How many offers can I send as gift?

We think friends and family are very important, so to help you be the best friend you can. So, you will get 10 gifts added to your account.

Can a gift be sent back to my account?

You can’t retrieve an offer to the sender or to another Logta account once it’s been accepted. The offer will stay on the account of the person who received it until it expires.

Which languages can I use my App in?

Logta app is available in English, but soon the App will also be available in Arabic

How long are LOGTA product valid for?

Our products are valid on an annual basis starting from purchasing date.

How can I change, exchange or refund my order?

You can send refund request to us through this email : xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

What can I do if I want to change my phone number ?

You can send change phone number request to us through this email : support@nourapps.com

Can I give up my membership to someone else ?


What should I do if the store refused to provide me the offer?

We are keen to keep good quality of our offer. On the coupon itself, click on report an issue and follow instructions. Still not fixed? Please contact the customer service line (920004084).

If I join membership, will I find the stores for my full membership?

All the offers provided by LOGTA app is subject to agreements with the stores. If the offer will expire within 3 months, a message will appear in the coupon.

What is the points program?

Every time you use a coupon, you will collect certain points. Later, you can redeem these points by opening one of the coupons that you used already.